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Mar 27, 2014

Remove port from http response

Our F5 is forwarding traffic to IIS web servers on non-standard ports (such as 20018). The application on the web server is generating a back button that will send traffic back to How do I get the F5 to remove the port number from the response that is sent back to the client - in other words replace any instance of with in the response?


Thank you!


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    This post is very similar to your requirement. All you really need to do is change the line


    STREAM::expression {}




    STREAM::expression {}



  • Thank you.


    When I try to use the iRule I get the following error:


    1070394:3: STREAM::enable in rule (/Common/test) requires an associated STREAM profile on the virtual server (/Common/vSVC-018-to-QA)