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Mar 02, 2011


I've been requested to perform a rewrite / redirect which does the following: (pass the 01 over to the url below and say id=thatNumber)



needs to rewrite to



I'm trying to make sure I'm going in the right direction here by using regex to analyze the URI, however the 01.aspx will be a different number, it will not always come from the application that way.



The web application may spit out a different error number such as 45.aspx or 123.aspx. The web application increments this number based on the number of errors received within the application, so there's a possibility that we will get into triple, 4, 5, 6 digits in the future.



The only thing that changes in the uri is this number. The ?status=error needs to be appended and the number moved over to result in something like:



I found this iRule - can I use this or something similar to increment using \d+ to say one or more digits within the regex?



Or a string match?



string match -nocase {[0-9999][[0-9999]}



Thanks for any help - I'm unsure how to move forward.



elseif {[HTTP::host] == "" } { if { [HTTP::uri] contains "/webext/\d+.aspx?status=error"} {


set urivar


if { ! ( $urivar matches_regex ^.*?


\/webext\/\d+\[a-zA-Z0-9]) } {


rewrite here




else {


pool something else







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