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Oct 04, 2023

Redirect on user browser inactivity on LTM VIP

We have a type Standard F5 LTM VIP (no APM, no ASM,  just LTM) with a pool of application servers.  

Only SSL, TCP and HTTP profiles are applied to that VIP. Connection is made by browser to URL and web page content displayed. All good at this point.

Then a user is idle for 20 minutes doing nothing.

We want in this case of inactivity to send http redirect from F5 to a user browser to redirect to

Again this is a very basic VIP; beside TCP profile idle timeout I don't see any other posisble timeouts and TCP idle timeout is totally different from what we want to do...

Any suggestion how our goal can be achieved?

Thanlk yuo in advance!

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  • Dmitriy_Tiper Is the issue here that the client connections are remaining active without any data traversing them other than the tcp keepalive?

  • Correct, other than keep-alive no data. Request came from applicaiton team; for them idle conneciton is no browser activity. They don't care or don't know about lower OSI model levels activity, like TCP keep-alive.


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      Dmitriy_Tiper Sadly, the only thing that I have seen recently is someone creating a counter that will arbitrarily close a connection after x amount of time used rather than closing a connection that has no data traversing it over a certain period of time. The best option here would be to disable TCP keepalive on the server side if open connections is the large of a problem.