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Jun 07, 2012

Reactivate license freezes window



I have a problem.


When I open GUI I can navigate each tab.


When I open License and then wan't to click reactivation nothing happens


and in the bottom of browser I see Waiting.


After some time empty window appears. Only letf pane with tabs is visible.


Anyone knows what it can be?


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  • Hi



    Just ran into this myself



    The fix is documented here





  • Exactly as Perry posted, the LTMs try to phone home first from the GUI. A sure-fire way to avoid this is to activate the boxes from the CLI.
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    That SOL note is for automatic license activation, which is AFTER the dossier generation...



    You'll also find that for some reason the GUI always wants to talk to the license servers BEFORE generating a dossier. (No idea why, I raised a call about it during the week when I got sufficiently annoyed with it as I have a lot of servers to license. I've asked for a note to goto engineering to see if they can do something about it).



    I've also had units come back with a 503 error (Bad Gateway) after waiting several minutes form the 're-activate' button. That usually requires a reboot to fix (Or as people have suggested use the command line get_dossier command which works immediately).