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Dec 24, 2016

Ratio (session)

Hi Everyone,


I am studying for the 201 exam and can't seem to find any information on a particular load balancing technique.


The guide states "The ratio-based load balancing methods are: Ratio (node, member and sessions), Dynamic Ratio (node and member), and Ratio Leased Connections (node and member)".


The particular part of this I am confused about is "Ratio (sessions)". I have tried this particular technique on my pool and I continually got mapped to the same server over and over. I can't seem to find anything that explains this method in detail.


The resource quoted for this topic is


I could not find anything for "Ratio (sessions)" on this page. Can somebody please explain or provide me a resource that explains this method in detail?


Thanks in advance.




  • Hi Baz,


    Some description on Ratio (sessions) here: