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Jun 28, 2012

ramcache and safari > 5





Did anyone else notice this pretty strange behaviour?


When refreshing a page from safari some resources that are being served from the ramcache take forever ( or very long ) to load. For a page with 3 scripts a style-sheet and an image, it is waiting randomly for one or two of these resources.


The safari debugger shows them in the state "pending" and they somehow just time-out and give an error.


I have a log line in the CACHE_RESPONSE handler and the handler is executed about 400 msec after the request and content is being send to the browser at that moment.


Could this be due to the ETag from the server being cached ?


IE Firefox and even Chrome are happy rendering the page.


( haven't tried safari on win or linux )


I am running ltm version 11.1.0/1943















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