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Apr 13, 2016

Question on Priority Group Activation


I want to make my virtual server with 9 pool member automatically disabled when four of its pool member are down. Can I achieve this with below settings :

1. Put all the pool members to the same priority group for example 5

2. Under Priority Group Activation, I would select 6 viz., traffic should be processed by the pool members of group 5 till the pool have 6 minimum active members failing which the group shall not process the traffic.

Now, as all the pool members belong to same priority group 5 and when PGA conditions fails would the virtual server would be down as there are no more pool members to accept the traffic ??

Please provide your inputs. 


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  • Hi MSK,

    the scenario you describe is not the purpose of priority groups and it will not work the way you suggest. One question is: what do you want to achieve by disabling the virtual server? If the purpose of this is to have new connections to the virtual being rejected, you could think about deploying an irule like that:

    when CLIENT_ACCEPTED {        
       if { [active_members $poolname] <= 5 } {
          log local0. "connection to virtual xyz rejected due to less than six servers available"