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Mar 01, 2011

Question around Datagroup manipulation




i will work on a solution around iControl and Datagroup and saw the following commands:





And i saw this article too: Click Here



I had some few questions before testing it and thought maybe some folks here have the answer:


1- when using those commands, will it only impact the memory or will it update the configuration file too ?


2- Is it possible to use those commands with an external Datagroup too ?


3- Does it work with key/value pairs ? (v10.X datagroup) do i need to do a call after the update of ?



Thanks !





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  • 1. All of the iControl methods will only effect the running configuration. You must manually call the System.ConfigSync.save_configuration() method to flush the running configuration in memory to disk in the bigip.conf and bigip_base.conf files. The reason we did this was due to the time overhead that each save takes. If we persisted every iControl call to disk, if you were trying to make many consecutive iControl calls, it would take forever. Back on the 4.x platform when you could only set the state of one object at a time, we had a customer trying to update 1000's of virtual servers with one app. If we introduced several seconds into each call, their app would have taken a long time to complete.



    2. For external data groups, you must use the System.ConfigSync.upload_file() and download_file() methods and treat the external classes as remote files. You manipulate the contents locally, and then upload the file to the server. From that point, you can use the *external_class* methods in the LocalLB.Class interface to manipulate the external class as a single object.



    3. Yes.