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Nov 29, 2023

Question about creating a virtual server with different source IP on the same destination IP & port

hi team Because we use English through a translator, there may be problems with delivery. Thank you for your understanding.


Here's what I'm curious about: There is already a virtual server 1 called source / destination port 443, and in the settings of this vs, the source port option is preserve. In this situation, when you create virtual server 2 called source / destination port 443 and set the source port option to change in vs settings.

q1) Will existing sessions be affected?

q2) Are there any other problems that could arise?

please answer about my question.

thank you

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  • Hi,
    So can i try to breakdown your requirement here.
    You have a virtual server 1 - with a destination IP of
    This needs to be in the same subnet as a self-ip and maybe a floating self-ip as the vs1 IP. Which also needs to be on the same interface or subinterface.
    So i think you might need to consider your network teplogy here, 
    Secondly the "source" config is a ACL not a control - so just means "all"

    And i'm not sure if you want a vs2 here or actually you need to look at configuring a pool to send traffic to and configure the pool as a resource to vs1. 
    Can you try to explain what you are trying to achieve here, rather than the config and possibly we can understand your requirements better.,