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Nov 16, 2019


Hi Guys,

I am sooooo frustrated right now.

Everytime i try to ping my F5 virtual edition lab default gateway for the external interface, it keeps giving me destination host unreachable. When i also try to ping the address of the host computer in the same network as the external interface of my F5 virtual lab, it also says destination host unreachable.


The funny thing is i have another vm running sophos which also has a wan interface and I can ping its gateway and my host computer ip address on the same network as the wan interface of the sophos.


I have checked everything? I am so exhausted from it.   

Please help me!!!!



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      Okay. My BigIP version is 13.1.1-0.0.4

      And my Hypervisor is Vmware workstation 15.5.1

  • Check that the interface ordering is correct - sometimes VMWare will reorder the interfaces.


    Ensure that the interface is up.


    Check the IP address of the Virtual Network endpoint. Make sure it is not an APIPA address. That is a Windows bug that has impacted me several times.


    You could be hitting

     K74921042: BIG-IP VE may fail to process traffic after upgrading the VMware ESXi 6.7 host to Update 2

    This issue started with ESXi 6.7 Update 2, but has impacted some other VMware releases as well. You may need to update the BigIP to version 13.1.3.



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      about the update, i just downloaded BIGIP 15.0.1. But i havent powered it up yet because i dont want to have to use up my license unless i am sure it will work. Do you think this BIGIP 15.0.1 will work fine?

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        Well, 15.0.1 addresses the issue described in K74921042


        But I can't be sure that this is the issue. There are several possible breakage points when setting up VE edition.