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Feb 15, 2012

Query Block??

Hello all- anyway to run a query on the f5 ASM to determine what ( if any) rule would be violated. My developers are asking me if the following would cause the f5 ASM to get blocked or get an error of some type:



" the %" is what they are asking

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  • So if all you are concerned about is the % I would suggest checking the Meta-Characters allowed in your URLs as if this character is not allowed it will be blocked. By default all Meta-Characters are blocked as a part of the URL, Parameter Names and Parameter Values so you would have to go into each area to allow the characters you want.



    As far as running a query on the ASM itself I am not sure, but you could just send the requested through the ASM with a browser and see if you get a block page, if you get a response from the web server of any kind it made it through the ASM.