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May 08, 2023

pushing a new user from BigIQ to BigIPs


We support 48 virtual F5s as part of a pair of Viprions and were wondering if there's a way to push a new user from BigIQ, that manages these virtual F5s, to these F5s..





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  • newbie Sadly you cannot create a user on the BIG-IQ and push it to the devices it manages. The only user modifications that you are capable of doing from the BIG-IQ to the BIG-IP is changing the default admin and root users password. You might be able to create a script that uses REST API and you feed it a list of devices to connect to and make the change. The following link has the command to create a new user on the BIG-IP using REST API under the section "Creating a new BIG-IP system user account" about halfway down the page.

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      Nikoolayy1 Nice to see that this is hidden as much as possible. Also nice to see that it is the exact same thing that I recommended but in an existing script on the BIG-IQ. About the only thing I don't like about this script is that it has the credentials listed in the file at the top in clear text. I'm sure if I spend enough time I might be able to figure out how to reference a credentials file and run it from a management station instead. Did I mention that I dislike the BIG-IQ?