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Feb 17, 2012

ProxyPass v10 - reload file

Is there a way to reload proxypass files after I update them? When I update these files I have been doing a "b load" to reload them but they may be getting updated often and I don't want to keep reloading the config. Also, if I am ssh'ing in to run the b load command with a perl script and would much rather use iControl or something else.





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    They're a datagroup, so altering the data group would be enough. If you use iControl they get updated on the fly in v10 (IIRC at least one of the older versions I had problems with, but v10.1 and 10.2 are fine AFAIK).




  • Also, you don't need to use an external data group on 10.1 or higher. You can use an internal string data group with the name=value pairings. In that case, you can update the data group via the GUI or iControl and not worry about reloading the external file.



    If you do use an external file, I don't believe it gets reloaded ever automatically if you edit the file on the CLI. You'd need to modify the data group via the GUI or iControl. Here's an example from Joe for forcing a re-read of the file for an external data group via iControl: