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Apr 26, 2022

Proxy Handhsake failure

Hi all,
sorry, I'm not an expert using F5 but I got a question for you.

I'm using an iRule Proxy configured on a BIG-IP 13.1.1.

Suddenly...and I don't know why, this proxy is still working but an antivirus agent provided me an error about handshake activation.

"2022-04-26 14:11:28.000000 [+0100]: [Error/1] | SSL_connect:failed in SSLv3 read server hello A | http\SSLContext.cpp:266:DsaCore::CSSLContext::SSLContextInfoCallback | 17F4:1B94:ActivateThread
2022-04-26 14:11:28.000000 [+0100]: [Error/1] | CHTTPServer::HandshakeSSL( - BIO_do_handshake() failed - peer closed connection. | http\HTTPServer.cpp:272:DsaCore::CHTTPServer::HandshakeSSL | 17F4:1B94:ActivateThread"

Have you got any experience on a similar issue?

What could I check?



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  • it looks like its a failure in the handshake. SSLv3 is quite old this wouldn't be the web server or client using this has been updated to not use SSL but upto TLS1.2 or TLS1.3??

    Other than that, i'm stuck to!

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      Thank you mate.

      Yes, it is possible but...I cannot reconfigure my antivirus agent.
      The only solution for me is let to disable SSL inspection or https decryption or allow the agent to use SSLv3.

      Do you know how to do it?

      • It's not McAfee is it??? I recongise the Port number! (but others may use it as well - just a guess!)
        So where is this flow error coming from? AV to Virtual server? Or f5 to pool member?
        Where is I'm guessing this is a f5 to pool member flow?

        So to remove the encryption you just need to remove the client and server SSL profiles from the virtual server.
        But there must be a way to check this, maybe even take a pcap of the flow and have a better look,
        Possible f5 support could look at the config and that pcap for you with more understanding of what those errors mean.

  • AV is TrendMicro 🙂

    I got some servers that are using BigIp proxy in order to contact a central console located in the cloud and not managed by me. is the proxy address set in an iRule in Big IP

    how can I do the checks you suggested me?

  • Hi guys,
    one more time...thank you for you time and you help.

    I solved the issue disabling and re-enabling the proxy virtual server.

    The problem is that these solution worked for 1 week to now...and now I've done the same workaround.

    Do you know what can be happened?
    Maybe there is a kind of cache to clear?