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Nov 03, 2021

Provisioning Warning Message on new LTM's

We are in the process of doing a refresh our LTM's and now we have noticed a provisioning warning on the new boxes and this is due to AAM. From what I understand this module is being fazed out and acceleration is being handled by the LTM module. Working with F5 they have recommended we remove the WAN acceleration policies from our VS's and delete them from the config, this will allow us to disable the AAM module. Most of our VIP's were created via iApps and an acceleration was created by "default". Since all of the profiles are based on the default and nothing has been specifically adjusted I don't think that removing them will have any adverse affects on the VS but it will be time consuming to remove each from the VS. Before I start the process has anyone else had similar issue or any recommendations on how to proceed?


FYI, I had to enable the module on the new boxes in order for the config to sync between the old boxes and the new ones...





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