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Oct 25, 2010

Providng Virtual IP to server two bluecoat Proxy

Hi Guys



I am newbie to F5 and need some advice on setting this up.



The scenario is we have two bluecoat proxy in London and a pair of SG in different regions. We have alot of applications that are proxy aware that rely on typing in one of the bluecoat proxy ip address for example or even the 2nd proxy



I want to setup a virtual IP that will serve both the Proxy IP that sits front of the Bluecoat and typing in the virtual IP in the applications instead of typing the direct IPs that are assigned to the proxies, this is incase if one of the proxies become faulty,



any ideas? your help is much appricated.




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  • This is basically what load balancing is all about.



    First, you need to create a "pool" containing the two proxies. You should associate a "monitor" to help determine whether the proxies are up. This can be an HTTP request, a tcp connection, etc. After this, create a "Virtual Server" where you specify an IP address and port at which you'd like it to listen. You'll also configure persistence here, and select the pool you created.