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Oct 15, 2014

Problema policy forward url to pool

hello people,

I'm having trouble using URL to forward specific policy pool. follows the configuration:


Name: rewrite_extranet_ssl Configuration: forward_pool_portaleconomiario http-host all equals http-uri all equals /Portalonline forward select pool /Common/Pool_Portalonline

----------Virtual Server

ltm virtual vs_extranet_ssl {
ip-protocol tcp
persist {
    source_addr {
        default yes
policies {
pool Pool_Extranet
profiles {
    box_extranet_ssl {
        context clientside
    http_with_redirect_rewrite { }
    rewrite_extranet_ssl { }
    stream { }
    tcp { }
rules {}
source-address-translation {
    type automap
vs-index 1576

Turns out he is not headed for the pool specified in the policy but for the VS default pool

Any idea?

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