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Apr 05, 2012

PROBLEM: Pool Member Won't Work Through Big IP LTM

Hi all, I was wondering if anyone might have some insight into a strange issue I'm seeing in our environment that I have had zero success in finding any solution or related posted issue about.



PROBLEM: Client can seemingly connect to Pool Member on HTTP (Port 80) via Virtual Server, but Pool Member will not honor GET request. Other Pool Member behaves perfectly as do all other Pool Members in other Pools/Virtual Servers. However clients are successfully able to directly connect to actual IP of offending Pool Member over HTTP.



BACKGROUND: Offending Pool Member is running on Windows 2003 server as a guest OS under VMWare ESX. HTTP server software/version is unknown by me at this point. Big IP version is 10.x.x.



TROUBLESHOOTING: Created new Virtual Server with both Pool Members for isolated testing as not to affect production environment. Confirmed using WGET under Windows Client that unable to connect to offending Member (eventually produces Read Error, Server Reset Connection error). Confirmed WGET to other Member works flawlessly. Confirmed using direct IP of offending Member works. All tests 100% consistent in result.



Logged into console via SSH and confirmed able to ping real IP of offending member. Likewise, had network administrator ping F5 and traceroute to F5 from offending member.



Confirmed able to TELNET to port 80 to real IP and working Member and successfully able to simulate GET request and receive HTML in response. When attempting to connect to offending member via TELNET through Virtual Server, connection is made but there is no response to GET request and connection eventually closes on its own.



From F5 shell via SSH, was able to successfully make GET requests via TELNET on port 80 of offending member via Virtual Server IP (as well as other servers/IPs).



This to me is suggesting there must be something going on between F5 and the client for this one specific pool member, since F5 can seemingly connect to offending member via virtual IP. NAT/SNAT are enabled.



Also tried to delete and re-add pool member to no avail.



Any input/advice greatly appreciated. Thank you.



ETA: Although this should go without mentioning given the information in bold above, I neglected to mention that the built-in default HTTP monitor does recognize the offending member is up and active. I may go ahead and try a modified monitor that looks for a specific response, but as mentioned, I can communicate with the server via TELNET on an SSH connection, so I don't believe there's an issue between F5 and the member.


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