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Apr 26, 2017

Port misuse policy dropping traffic

I have applied a Port Misuse policy on a HTTPS Virtual Server listening on port 443 to only allow SSL on port 443.


Unfortunately this dropping the traffic, but I do not know why. When I update the policy to not drop traffic that does not match then the connection is working. It should also log traffic that does not match, but I am not seeing anything in the logs.



I am not able to find any example to compare against to understand if there is a configuration mistake.


When I configure the log publisher to send the network Firewall logs and Port misuse logs to /var/log/ltm, I see the firewall logs, but nothing for port-misuse.


I am interested in seeing any of the following: * A working example * Links to more detailed documentation for configuring / troubleshooting port-misuse. * Steps to understand why "Drop on Service Mismatch" drops the traffic, but "Log on Service Mismatch" is not logging anything.


Many thanks,




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