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Mar 14, 2012

Parentheses in stream expression

I need to search for and replace a string that includes a "(". Whenever I try this, I get a regex compilation error because the parentheses are not balanced. How do I make this work?



Here is my stream expression. I'm stuck and appreciate any help that I can get.




set stream_expression_cmd "STREAM::expression \"@/sap(@/test/sap(/@\""


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  • If you aren't using variables in the stream expression you can wrap it in curly braces and avoid the need to escape meta-characters:



    set stream_expression_cmd "STREAM::expression {@/sap(@/test/sap(/@}"



  • Aaron, I tried that, but I still get the same regex compile error.
  • Are you using this iRule on multiple virtual servers where some may not have a stream profile enabled? If not, can you skip setting the stream expression in a variable and eval'ing it?



    STREAM::expression {@/sap(@/test/sap(/@}





    If you still get an error, can you reply with the full iRule, the LTM version you're testing on and the actual text of the error?



    Thanks, Aaron
  • That's an odd one. Can you try replacing the ( with \x28? This worked in a simplified test on 10.2.3:

    STREAM::expression {@/sap\x28@/test/sap(/@}
    set stream_expression_cmd {STREAM::expression {@/sap\x28@/test/sap(/@}}

  • Still not working, but now getting the following error: Can't compile regular expression - (/sap(?:)



    Here is the stream expression I am attempting to use:


    set stream_expression_cmd "STREAM::expression {@/sap\x28@/test/sap(/@}"



    LTM version is BIG-IP 10.2.0 Build 1755.1 Hotfix HF1. If you were able to get it to work in 10.2.3, maybe I need to look into upgrading to that version.
  • Thanks for your help Aaron. It is much appreciated. I was able to make this work on 10.2.3.