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Oct 19, 2011

OS Upgradation guidline Required

Dear All,



I am using F5 LTM 9.2.3 build 142.0 OS version. i want to upgrade its OS version in new one so please help me that which version is latest/stable version. and also guide OS upgrade procedure step by step.








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  • not sure what platform is. 34 bit CPU platform does not support v11.



    upgrade instruction is in release note. any current supported version could be good.



    sol9476: The F5 hardware/software compatibility matrix




    sol5903: BIG-IP software support policy

  • Thanks nitaas ... may you tell me the upgrade procedure step by step 9.2.3 build 142.0 OS version to 10.x version ?
  • Upgrading from versions earlier than 9.3.x


    You cannot roll forward a configuration directly to this version from BIG-IP version 4.x or from BIG-IP versions 9.0.x through 9.2.x. You must be running software version 9.3.x, 9.4.x, 9.6.x, or 10.x. For details about upgrading to those versions, see the release notes for the associated release.



    Release Note: BIG-IP LTM version 10.2.3




    to upgrade 9.2.3 to 9.3.1



    Release Note: Local Installation: Upgrading from BIG-IP software versions 9.0.5 through 9.2.5 and 9.3 to BIG-IP software version 9.3.1




    to upgrade from 9.3.1 to 10.2.3



    A Upgrading from Versions 9.3.x and 9.4.x and Reformatting for 10.1.x