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Feb 03, 2011

Order PartNumber for 1600 LTM+GTM

Hello all,



I know this could not be the best place to ask for it. Im sorry about that.



Could anyone confirm me if the order PartNumber "F5-BIG-GTM-1600-4G-R" has the LTM Module too ?



My intention is to place a purchase order for a 1600 with a LTM+GTM License Module. Is that correct ?




Best Regards,




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  • I don't believe it would, no. Also, as I recall, 1600s can only run one module, so GTM and LTM couldn't live together on a 1600. You'll want to contact your local reseller/f5 sales team on this.
  • Thanks for your reply Chris,



    In fact, that was the idea that i had before.


    But then, i found this Solution,Sol10288, Software and platform support matrix, where its clear it supports. (or not ? )






    The issue was the correspondent Part Number for that Dual Product Combo.








    Best Regards,


    Bruno Petrónio