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Dec 06, 2018

Okay to have same traffic group for multiple route domains?

Hi all,


We're configuring route domains on vCMP guests running for 2 VLANs as following:


-------------- cut here --------------


RD0 NET: (For IP range: GW VLANID: 1 VS2


RD1 NET: (For IP range: GW VLANID: 2 VS2 -------------- cut here --------------


Traffic for VS1 and VS2 from same corresponding VLAN has no problem at all. However, when connecting from other VLANs, sometimes can't be connected.


Tcpdump shows inbound traffic to VS1 or VS2 sometimes appear on incorrect VLANS. e.g. for VS1, traffic sometimes appear on VLAN1 and sometimes on VLAN2, while it should only appear on VLAN1. Also see ARP reply with traffic group's MAC address for VS1 appears on VLAN2.


I wonder if our configuration (same default gateway + different route domains + overlapping IP range) should use multiple traffic groups.


Would anyone please help? Thanks a lot.




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