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Jun 22, 2011

OJDBC monitor, control retries and time out




I have been searching the filesystem on my lab-F5 for any kind of standard xml files, controlling normal attributes of the OJDBC connection, with no luck.




Basically I am wondering if I can either construct, such a file, for fine-grained control of the database connection, or if there are settings/attributes in the monitor-conf file that are not listed as default, but still can be used. I am not familiar, how, the monitor-conf file translates a text-based entry to the database connection URL+parameters.




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Stefan Ivarsson


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  • Hi Stefan,



    Can you clarify what you're trying to do, what you've configured and what issues you're seeing? I'm a bit confused on this.



    Thanks, Aaron
  • Certainly



    I have noticed a retry in the Oracle monitor, tracing it back to the ojdbc-connection after some debugging. I know from other connection experience with jdbc that you can specify the number of retries and timeout using, usually an xml-properties file. I wanted to either know where and if such a file exists in the distribution of the ojdbc connector that comes with the F5. If the monitor-conf file, with it's key-value is parsed, for these, probably undocumented values, it might be the place to add them. At this point I am curiously hunting down the extra connections made to the database, not logged as monitor tries and retries. Call it a quest for understanding, perhaps





    Stefan Ivarsson