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Sep 02, 2011

Odd connectivity issue

Hi all,



I'm having an odd issue with one of our sites.




The configuration of the systems is:
 = =




Both sites have the same IP which hits the F5, both are SSL offloaded, at this point the traffic is routed via FQDN, one goes to port 80 the other to port 88. This is load balanced to one of 4 servers (Virtualised, 4xCPU, 16GB, Win2K3 ent, IIS6)




Site2 on port 88 is working fine, however Site1 on port 80 is not responding at random times.




My first thought was DNS and routing, however both sites run on the same IP. Tracert gives the same hops for both, but as stated before one works and the other doesn't!!




So it's the F5?




The only thing I can think of is if there is something wrong with the F5 config for the Pool that is holding the port 80 site.




Could it be a connection maximum? Most I've seen is about 80 so barely anything, it's now 30 and I still can't connect.




Could it be IIS?




I think there is going to be a lack of sleep for the next few days!




Any ideas is appreciated!










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  • I would check the virtual host config on the IIS side - it sounds to me like one of those servers isn't configured right for name-based virtual hosting. There are a few ways to test this: you could trump your hosts file on a local PC and hit each server one at a time, or you could simply disable all pool members but one and test. If it works, enable the next one, and test, etc.