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Mar 09, 2011

Not able to configure SCOM 2007

Hello Team,



Even though if I have MS SQL Server 2005 installed, When I tried to install “ Microsoft System Center Operations Manager” it says MS SQL Server is not installed only sql server express is installed. I have attached the screen shot…



Also, I have another very generic query with respect to MP behaviour, whether MP (Management Pack) will contact SQL server for any informations directly ? or it will use SCOM to retrieve the informations ?






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    Hi Shyam,



    Regarding your first question about the SCOM deployment and the SQL Server (instance) not being found, I would suggest first running the Prerequisites checker (i.e. "Check Prerequisites") that comes with the SCOM 2007 R2 setup package. If you claim that MS SQL Server 2005 is installed on the host that you are trying to point the SCOM installer to, make sure also you point to the appropriate instance of the SQL Server. You may have multiple instances of SQL Servers running, as you mentioned you have also SQL Express installed. It is possible that the MS SQL Server 2005 instance is not running. Make sure the SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) service is running (using the Services Control Manager) and when you specify the SQL Server in your SCOM 2007 R2 setup, make sure you point to this instance.



    There could definitely be other reasons for your issue. I would recommend reading up the following thread on a similar topic:



    About the other question, regarding the F5 Management Pack interacting with SQL Server, the answer is yes, there is an F5_ManagementPack SQL database created through the deployment of the F5 MP and this database stores/caches the discovered F5 device configuration settings and other (static) data related to general F5 device properties. But everything else (i.e. statistics, monitoring state, health state, etc) is written into the SCOM database through the SCOM Health Service (and not directly).