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Aug 15, 2020

Node IP address defined as %1

Hi There,

I'm pretty new to F5 and in my organisation there is a F5 LTM setup and when I was going through the configuration found that the node IP address was defines as x.x.x.x%1 also some times the permitted source IP address is defined as

I have seen previous LTM setup when Node IP address and permitted source IP address are defined without "%1"

What is the use of %1 actually?


Thanks in Advance


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  • Hello,


    '%' defines the Route Domains. This is nothing but the object/identifier used for the network/traffic isolation. By default, it is %0. When you create normal node without defining anything after IP, it falls under default route domain. There are few use cases of using RD like you can use duplicate addresses. e.g. For F5, request coming for and are different requests all together. So the setup that you have seen earlier was working on default route domain only (%0) and this new setup have custom RDs defined. In this setup, while creating any object like node, VS etc you need to specify the Route Domain after its IP so F5 will understand the network.


    Hope it helps!


  • Thank you both aaa and Mayur Sutare

    Really appreciate your help