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Jul 08, 2022

New 11800's, one cannot be accessed by Web, but SSH works

Installed (4) new f5's and 3 out of 4 can be accessed through secure web, ssh etc to start initial configuration. The 4th one however cannot be reached by secure web, but it CAN connect to CLI (Of course ICMP as well). All management IP's for the 4 devices are in the same subnet and verified no duplicate I.P's.  

Any ideas?

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  • Hi MTroyB,

    first of all, you should check whether traffic arrives on the management interface.

    tcpdump -i mgmt port 443

    If no traffic arrives, check on the firewall (or other upstream device) in front of your BIG-IP.

    If traffic arrives, you can check status of the httpd and tomcat service.

    bigstart status httpd
    bigstart status tomcat

     If they are not running, you can restart them.

    bigstart restart httpd
    bigstart restart tomcat

    Also check all relevant logs in /var/log/ .


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      Thank you, I will perform these steps.