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Mar 05, 2012

Nettcp Load Balancing with F5

Hi all,



short description:




we got a production environment where several server are connecting to a gatway which is configured as virutal server on our F5 LTM.




The server are using nettcp to connect to the gateway (for example on port 13002) which consists of 2 nodes.




Now when the clietns are connected everything is working fine, but when one node fails the tcp connection breaks (error in the socket connection).




We have tried to solve this with the pool option "reselect" so normally there should be opened a new tcp connection from the LTM to the node which is still active. But this is not working.




Is there any possibility to ensure that the tcp connection stays open and doesn´t get closed?




Maybe someone of you has some experience with nettcp loadbalancing with F5.












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