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Mar 07, 2019

NAT IPv6 to IPv6 (NAT66)

Hi, I have a scenario which requires us to do ipv6 to ipv6 natting. (map a private-ipv6 to a public-ipv6) We are using the soft version and it seems it doesn't properly work. We tried the following: 1. cfged a snat pool list w/ one ipv6 address, next this snat was assigned to our ipv6 virtual-server. tshooting it w/ tcpdump shows no translation occurs.


  1. i found under the 14.x release notes a bug ID681070 whichseems similar "NAT66 may fail if configured with a single translation address". we then tried to cfg the snat pool list w/ an ipv6/124 prefix resultingin errors by the f5 saying " 01020059:3: IP Address :: is invalid, must not be all zeros."


  2. tried using an iRULE w/ plain when client_accepted, snat ipv6address... this didn't work either, we receiving TCL errors bad IP address format (line 1)TCL error (line 1) (line 1) invoked from within "snat xxxx:6xx0:0001:0100:00xx:0xx5:0104:0/124" Did anyone successfully configure something like this? Any ideas will be very much appreciated. thanks,


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