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Aug 28, 2021

My stick session



The system has multiple tomcat stype containers, they provide a JSESSIONID and we append a node id to the end

so we have a JSESSION id that looks like


JSESSIONID=83987345.nodeX where X could 1 2 3 4 5


on my nginx setup i had


 server app1.env:XXXX slow_start=0s weight=1 max_fails=0 fail_timeout=10 route=node1;

 server app2.env:XXX slow_start=0s weight=1 max_fails=0 fail_timeout=10 route=node2;


  # Session Persistence based on JSESSION ID, if necessary

  sticky route $route_cookie;



# jboss mapping for nodes

map $cookie_jsessionid $route_cookie {

  ~.+\.(?P<route>\w+)$ $route;




I want to do this in F5 i presume with F5.


But ... the persistence model in F5 break my nginx setup.




client A -> connect talks to node1

JSESSIONID 123456789.node1


node1 dies

client A -> get rerouted to node2

JSESSIONID 123456789.node1...

JSESSIONID 987654321.node1


note 100% sure if the jsessionid changes or not. but i'm 100% sure that the nodeX stays the same



until node1 comes back client gets routed to node2


once node1 comes back the client is routed back to node1


I presume irule.


but how do I say go to pool member if its up otherwise go to pool (use the balancing method)





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    pool_node1 member monitor tcp

    pool_node2 member monitor tcp

    pool_default member monitor tcp


    iRuels code:


    when RULE_INIT {

      array set static::pool_array {

        1 pool_node1

        2 pool_node2



    when HTTP_REQUEST {

      if { [HTTP::cookie exists "JSESSIONID"] } {

        set node_x [findstr [HTTP::cookie "JSESSIONID"] "node" 4 1]

        log local0. "node_x is $node_x"

        if { [active_members [lindex [array get static::pool_array $node_x] 1]] == 0 } {

          pool pool_default

        } else {

          pool [lindex [array get static::pool_array $node_x] 1]


      } else {

        pool pool_default



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      Think I like this. but modified

      I will create singleton pools for each member and 1 pool with all members.


      if I have no JSESSIONID or no NODE

      then go to the generic pool

      other wise

      test to see if pool with 1 node corresponding to the NODE1 is available

      if yes then send it

      if no then send to generic pool



  • Hello Alex.


    You could configure an iRule that routes traffic base on the "nodeX" value of the JSESSIONID cookie, checking first if this specific member is UP using "active_members" command.


    Config details.

    • Create an iRule
    • create a generic pool with all members
    • create specific pools with only one member (let say, node1, node2, ...)


    iRules steps:

    1. Get the "nodeX" value.
    2. if "[active_members pool_nodeX] == 0" use generic pool
    3. if "[active_members pool_nodeX] > 0" use specific pool (pool_nodeX)


    Hope this helps you.