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Aug 25, 2011

Multiple tmm's in VE

When I look at the detailed CPU graph under Performance. I can see that "Core 0" is utilized up to about 85%. But at the same time "Core 1" is less then 5%.



I figured this was because only one tmm is running? Is it possible to two tmm's since there is two cores?



I done some Apache benchmarking between virtual hosts and can get to about 800Mbit/s throughput. And as I add more and more SSL transactions these 800 drop pretty quickly. But I guess that is expected.



Has anyone done any testing of what can be expected?





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  • Short Summary: It's not possible to run two tmms simultaneously on the Z100 platform (BIG-IP VE)



    SSL throughput is expected to be inferior to the F5 BIG-IP hardware offerings that have dedicated chipsets for processing cryptographic transactions.