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Sep 01, 2011

Moving an LTM VE to a new VMWare host

How do I move the license when relocating an F5 LTM VE from one VMWare host to another? I have better hardware with more memory on my new VMWare server, but if I install it when I try to license it, it claims another LTM VE already has the license. Is there a way to revoke my current license and start over on another VM?


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  • In a VMWare vSphere cluster setup, VM guests can be migrated (VMotion) to an alternative ESX server. If that takes place, neither the MAC addresses or the UUID of the virtual change. Alternatively, if you attempt to clone a VM, both the MAC addresses and the UUID will change.



    With LTM VE, if the MAC addresses or the UUID change, the device will have to be relicensed. The process to relicense a VE follows the same procedure as creating an RMA for a physical BIG-IP within F5. Today we treat VEs like boxes that live in a ESX host.



    So the short answer is you'll need to contact F5 Support for this.