Shape Security and Volterra moving to F5 Distributed Cloud Services



In the last few years, F5 acquired Shape Security, Volterra, NGINX and Threat Stack--broadening the F5 portfolio of products. To simply our growing portfolio, products from Shape Security and Volterra will now converge under a new F5 Distributed Cloud Services brand. 

From now on there will be three primary F5 product brands: BIG-IP, NGINX, and Distributed Cloud Services. 

For more information on these changes, please see the F5 Brand Updates page.


Product Name Changes

The chart below outlines each product's historical name and its corresponding F5 Distributed Cloud Services name: 

Historical Product Name  New Product Name 
VoltMesh F5 Distributed Cloud Mesh 
VoltStack F5 Distributed Cloud App Stack 
VoltConsole F5 Distributed Cloud Console 
Shape Recognize F5 Distributed Cloud Authentication Intelligence 
Shape AI Fraud Engine (SAFE)  F5 Distributed Cloud Account Protection 
Shape Client-Side Defense  F5 Distributed Cloud Client-Side Defense 
Shape Aggregator Defense  F5 Distributed Cloud Aggregator Management 
Shape Integrated Bot Defense  F5 Distributed Cloud Bot Defense 
Shape Enterprise Defense 


So what does this mean for you?

Your experiences with these F5 products should remain largely unchanged. That being said, here's a few minor changes that may affect you:

  1. In-product experiences, DevCentral posts, and other F5 materials will reflect the new names.
  2. Specific website domains will no longer exist. will redirect to, where users can login on the Distrubuted Cloud Services page. Interactions with the respective products, assigned tenant name spaces/URLs, and who you work with for support and customer service will not be impacted.
  3. Product documentation for F5 Distributed Cloud Protection Manager and Distributed Cloud Console will also move. You can see the new locations here: 
Historical Product Name  New Product Name  Product Documentation Location  
Shape Protection Manager  F5® Distributed Cloud  
Protection Manager 
The F5® Distributed Cloud Protection Manager user interface contains a “Documentation” link to relevant product documentation.  
VoltConsole  F5® Distributed Cloud Console  The F5® Distributed Cloud Console user interface will include links to relevant product documentation. In addition, product documentation can be found at 

Questions about this rebranding should be directed to F5 via the respective email addresses for your region (which can be found at Contact F5.)

Updated Feb 15, 2022
Version 2.0

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