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Dec 07, 2011

monitoring windows processes

We're heading down the path of doing a failover configuration with one of our F5s.



We use SAP and it uses an output management system (OMS). Unfortunatley, the nature of doing this is that it must be active/passive. SAP can only work with a specific instance of an OMS at a time (can't load balance).



Besides failing over if the primary OMS system (Windows 2008) is down, we'd also like to failover if any of a set of a half dozen "core" processes on it fail.



Has anyone ever done something similar?

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  • Hi Klamerus,



    Humphrey and Jason contributed to an article on this:




    Zenoss has a WMI executable for linux called wmic, which allows you to query via wmi a windows box. ... you can use this tool to check if the TermService [or any other Winows] service is running, and mark the server up/down appropriately.