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Oct 16, 2022

Migrating to F5

Hi All, 

Hoping I can get some insight and possible heads up. New to the f5 world, so any information will be helpful. We are currently running A10 Thunder 3030 Load Balancer, and will be migrating to f5. Has anyone been through such a  migration and is there any landmines we should be aware of?

Thanks you in advance for all advice


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  • Welcome to "the f5 world" Deena and welcome to DevCentral!
    I'll share some 'starter packs' for you - not specific to your Migration question though - I'll leave that to the technical experts.

    • is where the approved, curated, supported, F5 knowledge is - think of it as The Library
    • (aka DevCentral) is The Coffeeshop across the street from the library where the Librarians hang out with the rest of the world. Conversations & questions in our forum, and often amazing pieces of config/code/process shared in CrowdSRC, on the back of the proverbial napkin. This isn't to say the authors are suspect but rather the content can be highly-specific and is use at your own risk.
    • - is The Classroom where "both self-directed and instructor-led courses designed to help you develop the knowledge and hands-on experience to deploy, configure, and manage F5 products."

    As a Community Manager - the rest of this starter pack will focus on Community - but I recommend opening an account on Support and Learn if you haven't already.


  • While there is no scripts to perform the migration, there are some simularities with A10's aRules and our iRules last I viewed them. This should make any iRules that need to be migrated done with minimal effort.

    Whenever migrating from one platform to another, it is recommended to start from fresh and build the new configuration using our LTM Operations guide found here.

    It is going to be a manual process for the most part unless you know how to use sed, awk and grep in linux. If so you can pull most of the data you need from the A10 config file then use that to build your configuation. 

    Alternatively we have a Professional Services team that can assist with that migration.