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APM sesions count per partition

Hello,is it possible to get list or just count of APM sessions per policy or per partition?I found some snmp or tmsh commands, but they never return result for specific partition or specific APM policy.If there is some way, prefferably using API rest...

Zdenek by Nimbostratus
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F5 threat intelligence.

Dear Experts,I am searching around if F5-DNS or AFM is capable of receiving threat intelligence in real-time from TAXII servers related to private community or ISAC?I need more information about F5 capablities to integrate with threat intelligence ev...

Muhannad by Altocumulus
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Configuration Error

Hey guys, hope everyone is well. I hope someone can help with this. I've set up a dozen or so RDP sessions via a URL. Users can log in and see the list of servers, but when clicking on a server, they get the attached error. For the life of me, I cann...

balcee by Altostratus
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F5 BIG IP iControl API Authentication

Hi All,I am trying to access the icontrol API and collect the BIG IP logs.curl -sku admin:admin -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X GET https://x.x.x.x/mgmt/tm/sys/log/ltm/statsI am able to get the logs using the admin:admin user credentials.But I...

Resolved! About script

Hello,I want to make a script that sends alerts to /var/log/ltm every minute when the pool is not up.Here is the script I designed:  modify script pool_script { app-service none definition { set errorcode [catch {exec tmsh show ltm po...

bigip_ucs_fetch unsupported parameter only_create_file

Im using the bigip_ucs_fetch module from the f5networks.f5_modules collection.My ultimate goal is to use the module to create a UCS backup only, leaving it in /var/local/ucs (the default path) with then another task in my playbook that will upload th...

Mike_A by Nimbostratus
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DevCentral's Featured Member for December - Mohamed Kansoh

Our Featured Member series is a way for us to show appreciation and highlight active contributors in our community. Communities thrive on interaction and our Featured Series gives you some insight on some of our most engaged folks. F5 Community Memb...

mohamed k.jpg barqLogo.gif mohamedK fmdec.png
PSilva by Community Manager
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Running bigip to terraform resources

Hi,Posting here in the hopes someone finds this useful.  This is not a product, it's a small open source tool that I've made to help manage our BigIPs.TL;DR: Running BigIP to Terraform resources: rece...

niclan by Nimbostratus
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Resolved! F5 iApp migration to FAST

HiHoping for some advice in regard to migrating a deployed Exchange 2013 iApp to an Exchange 2016 FAST template.Currently we have an iApp deployed that provides services for Exchange 2013, our client now wishes to deploy Exchange 2016. On checking th...

Backend server IP not visible in TCP dump

Hi ,i am not able to see client IP in the TCP dump .. i see the client IP and LB - VIP only.but i am able to reach the page , but its not showing server IP in the tcp dump.below tcp dump cotcpdump -s0 -nni 0.0:nnnp host 10.10.10.xx and port 443  

Help in Send/Receive string for F5 Health Monitor

Hello All,Can someone help me understand what parameters would be checked and response received with the backend pool member, for the below health monitor configured for one of our setups.Send String : GET / HTTP/1.1\r\nHost: \r\nConnection: CloseEmp...

[BIG-IP APM] JWT形式のAPIキーによるアクセス制御 Part1

BIG-IP APMはOAuth 2.0 Authorization Frameworkにおける役割の中でClient、Resource Server、Authorization Serverとして動作させることができます。 本投稿では、Authorization Server(以下ASサーバ)とResource Server(以下RSサーバ)にAPMを利用するケースでその設定などをご紹介します。 はじめにAPMはOAuthにおけるアクセストークン形式として、OPAQUE・JWTが利用可能です...

Y_Nabeya_0-1668666568831.png Y_Nabeya_1-1668666576357.png Y_Nabeya_2-1668666605764.png Y_Nabeya_0-1668667287957.png
Y_Nabeya by F5 Employee
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Artistry of Networking

I was just answering a question and giving suggestions to new people starting the F5 journey. I mean only the passionate get this far as we delve deeper into the protocols than anyone. This led to a moment of reflection I though I would share. "I cou...

Resolved! When sync status change show in log

Hello,Is it possible for F5 to show up "sync status change"in the log when the sync status changes?I tried to change the sync status and found that the information is not shown in the log.Any help is appreciate.

Should I wait for f5 to upgrade my f1?

Bought f1 at release. Right now it's getting slower and slower, heat up fast, and battery seems to drain really quickly. Want to upgrade to f4 but I saw news about f5, should I wait for it? Or is there any other alternative with good price/performanc...

F5 GTM Subdelegation

I am practicing sub delgeation exercise in the lab, in my DNS server I am delegating subdomain to the F5 devices, current zone file for$TTL 604800 @ IN SOA ( ...

JBonnet by Nimbostratus
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integrating f5 with ldap

when integrating f5 with ldap i cant authenticate user from ldap and below error appeard Failed to resolve KDCs by domain name  

Resolved! About CPU

Hello,When I was checking CPU usage, I found that there are many types of...What do they represent...?The CPU in the dashboard again represents which one in cmmandAny help would be appreciated! 

Michaelyang_0-1669780254527.png Michaelyang_1-1669780374177.png

F5 OS r-Series cron job schedule

Hello All,I am looking for some assistence to schedule a cron job on the F5 OS host for taking regular backup for the F5 host system and exporting it to the remote path.I am trying to execute commands from bash terminal however it doesnt seems to be ...

Resolved! iRule Header Insert

I have a F5 setup for C3D (working), but the customer states they also need the original user certificate, so added an iRule to insert the whole user certificate doing the header insert.Customer has come back and said that need the certificate withou...

sgnormo by Cirrus
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BIG-IP Forgotten password

Hello,i am running F5 BIG-IP on vmware. i forgot the password for the root username.  by that i am not able to access F5 GUI through it's management IP address. how to change the root password from the CLI note that i am not able to login.

Alain1 by Nimbostratus
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