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Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

Happy Cybersecurity Awareness Month from all of us at DevCentral! Cybersecurity Awareness Month is in October and is dedicated to helping individuals protect themselves online as threats to technology and confidential data become more commonplace.  ...


Migrating Virtual servers, pools to new partition

Hi All,So we use our LTMs more for Application Teams and not "customers" like in a cloud. Our partitions were built years ago based on app name or maybe a team but mostly app names. Our company went through a reorg and we would like to create new par...

F5 Botdefense behind Cloudflare

Hi community,Does anyone know how to fix botdefense protection profile when we have a setup Client > Cloudflare proxied > F5 AWAF.It seems that botdefense matches the client browser as malicious bot all the time : Non-browser presenting as FireFox -E...

Emil by Altocumulus
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Virtual server in application security policy

Good day all,I had the following queries about security policy within ASM.1) How do i move an existing Virtual server from an existing security policy to a different one? I have checked the GUI but can't find an option .2) Our ASM shows blocked reque...

Cookies, jsessionid and encryption

Hi All, Im relatively new to this. Our company had a third party do a pentest on our External apps in a DMZ. We had one call out for cookie information disclosure, so we turned on cookie encryption. We had an additional jsessionid vuln so we went in ...

STREAM profile (HTTP > HTTPS) with host exception

Hello guys,I do need to add a exception into the default stream irule (HTTP to HTTPS) to bypass the domain:I got this iRule:when HTTP_REQUEST { STREAM::disableHTTP::header remove "Accept-Encoding"} when HTTP_RESPONSE { if {[HTTP::header va...

escman by Nimbostratus
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F5 GTM DNS - high number of requests

Hello comunity, We're facing for quite a while, some sort of a DDoS tries (I can't consider it as an actual attack), against our F5 Public DNS.Initially we were seeing ~700K - 1Mil connections (IP connections) and after some analisys we decided to lo...

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sgogean by Nimbostratus
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change default editor for role manager

HelloF5 is authenticating users via tacacs, on that server there's assignment for specific user a role 'manager'When that user logs in via ssh to f5 he has only nano editor, (list cli preference editor - shows nano), he can't change it to vi. Is it p...

T5C by Altostratus
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migrate vcmp guest to be on physical F5

Hi - i have a vcmp guest which i need to move to a new F5 - and due to high resource requirement i want to move it to a physical F5 . would i follow the same steps to do ucs restore with platform migrate and no license checks load /sys ucs <filename>...

MAbbas by Cirrus
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Trying to assign a policy to a virtual server

i am trying to change policies on a virtual server, using the python sdk.i load the vs, i can load the existing policy on the vs, and delete it, but when i try to create a new policy for the vs, i get a 404 error saying that the policy cannot be foun...

A Some What One Arm Configuration on LTM

I will try to describe this configuration the best I can and sorry if it gets to long.  Our current configuration on our LTM's is as follows.External and Internal VLANS on LTM.  The external VLAN is in (example IP).  There are several intern...

kend by Nimbostratus
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F5 Big-IP Learning Suggestions Export

Hi Everyone,Is it possible with the Big-IP to export the learning results to a "CSV" file instead of an "HTML" file? The path: Security › Application Security : Policy Building : Traffic Learning: Suggestions -> Select All -> Export to CSV

xxAndyxx by Nimbostratus
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F5 DNS with cPanel Web Hosting Server

Hi, We have a publicly accessible web hosting server backed by cPanel and currently we are using F5 to handle our DNS. The problem that we are facing is when one of our end customer adds a Zone /DNS record INSIDE his cPanel account and everytime we h...

Sweatboy by Nimbostratus
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Support for HTTP/2 gRPC with F5 Load Balancer

I have a requirement to use bi-directional gRPC server and client. I'm thinking to use F5 L7 Load balancer ( for this..Can I know whether we have support for this with F5 load balancer??

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