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GTM Three Load Balancing Method

Hello,Currently, the following Three-Tier LB has been setup:Preferred: Global AvailabilityAlternate: NoneFallback: Drop PacketAnd two pools ae configured in the Member Order: 0 - Pool A1 - Pool BReferring to the following document, is the sentence ma...

Interrogate Pool Member Priority Group from iRule

Hi,Is it possible to programatically identifiy the priority group of a pool member from within an iRule? I'd like to be able to combine that information with the results of active_members to be able to present a status of which group(s) are currently...

danA by Altostratus
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Downloading VE for VmWare

Hi Folks, we are in a process of deploying F5s in a VmWare environment. We will have them only licensed for LTM. My question is what .ova file am I downloading here? BIGIP- could ...

sandy16 by Nimbostratus
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Deploy BIG-IP ASM for API Application

DearsMy Manager informed me that we need to configure BIG-IP LTM and ASM for API application, what is the API application for F5? Is this different in implementation from normal web application or it is the same?Can you support me with guide or imple...

Ireda by Cirrus
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Reminder: MFA now required to log in to DevCentral

Hey everyone, We are now requiring multi-factor authentication (MFA) to log in to all DevCentral accounts in order to better ensure secure interactions on DevCentral. Please read our INITIAL ANNOUNCEMENT HERE. Logging in to F5 accounts – including D...


Upgrade to 15.1.10

Hi,I want to upgrade my BIG-IP to 15.1.10.In previous version upgrade, there is option for Install Configuration (Yes/No) and I can select Source Volume. However, in 15.1.10, I cannot select Source Volume after I  select Install Configuation to Yes. ...

Alex_Ng by Nimbostratus
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Resolved! NGINX Load balancing feature

Dears,I have just one simple question, what is the difference between the Passive health check in NGINX open source and the active health check that NGINX Plus offer,

Amr_Ali by Cirrostratus
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Telemetry Streaming - Re-starting restnoded

Hello Everyone,I have a dilemma ever since I set up telemetry streaming. I noticed that the restnoded daemon is restarting (some days are more frequent than others) but I can't get my hand into the root cause of it and how to solve it.I have been kee...

Sarah by Altocumulus
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Monitoring the statistics of LTM policy rules

HiI'm trying to monitoring the LTM policy rule invokation via SNMP but I failed.I have looked into and I have found the OID named  ltmFwPolicyRuleStat   but I failed to find the LTM Policies of my F5 BIG IP device in the output o...

JDamian by Nimbostratus
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Missing Certificate after redirect

We have a requirement for any calls coming into to be redirected to Azure APIM simple following rule has been setup in F5 for calls coming into https://abc.comwhen HTTP_REQUEST {        HTTP::respond 307 Loca...

rts by Nimbostratus
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Resolved! Cipher suite mismatch advertisement/warning

Hi, this issue is linked to: Finally we have decided to leave only ECDHE ciphers.As I said, maybe it is too restrictive and non-technical users who try to ...

Resolved! iRule to log traffic details

Hi,I want to log below information to syslog via iRuleRequest headers including e.g. tap-*, X-* (e.g. X-Forwarded-For & X-Forwarded-Port )src IPsrc Portrequest urlreferral urlmethodresponsesessionidx_uri (assume included from F5)timestamp (ms granula...

yadgayan by Altocumulus
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How to search the latest security academic papers

Introduction While following the state-of-the-art of security-related technologies and gathering information is a daily job for engineers, we engineers often take a practical approach to gathering information. For example, when I gather security-rel...

Koichi_2-1694642602606.png Koichi_0-1694642439767.png Koichi_1-1694642562927.png Koichi_3-1694642826983.png
Koichi by F5 SIRT
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Certificate as second factor for ActiveSync

Hi,we have a F5 in front of an Exchange 2016 Cluster, which does the LB (configured via iApp / the https-combined-pool-selection-irule). There is no APM in use. Since ActiveSync is one of the last "open" services that has no second factor for authent...

am_gli by Altostratus
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Resolved! Firewall behind APM will be migrated

DearsWe will migrate Firewall behind APM to different vendor, Is this will impact anything on APM device? or we will need to change something in APM.What's the recommended action from APM administrator through this firewall migration to avoid any int...

Ireda by Cirrus
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Looking for help for creating Dynamic content value in ASM

Hi TeamI am currently detected violation for following parameter for example. i am still try to creating dynamic content vlaue in WAF but it doesn't work. can you please give suggestion or any example for creating DCVctl00_ContentPlaceHoldserContent_...

aali86 by Altostratus
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F5 Re-write (Reverse Proxy)

Hello,I have a requirement to pretty much accomplish the followingUsers need to access, but they should see a webpage from without their browser's URL changing.This is non internet facing and is interal o...

F5master by Nimbostratus
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