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Upgrade F5 Deploy Hotfix deployment

We are upgrading our LTM's to Build 5 and had a question about installing the hotfix.  Should I install the hotfix intially when I upgrade the system? Thanks,Joe

jomedusa by Altostratus
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404 error with support ID on CLoud Console

Ou application is on F5 Cloud WAF sometimes it is inaccessible and throwing support ID with error code 404 and also same time when we try to search support ID it is not showing logs. This logs issue is for all support ID's that we receive when site i...

ab7 by Nimbostratus
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How to force close TLS sessions in a failover scenario

Hi,We have an application behind Big-IP which doesn't handle failovers well.The Big-IP keeps all TLS sessions consistent and open during failover but the application doesn't support TLS resume for a session and this causes problems in the app.I'm loo...

remove a node from multiple pools using bash

I have a node that I would like to delete from multiple pools that is running on different ports. I tried the command below, and while it removes some, I noticed it doesn't delete the members that are in offline or disabled mode. Any help would be gr...

VFB by Cirrus
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Resolved! Passing Client CAC / Smart Card Cert to Application Server

I am reaching to see if anyone has created or come across the most stream line process of passing a Client cert through F5 which then reaches the an Application server.The most important piece of data that needs to reach the server is just the CN (Co...

Two big-ip partitions sharing the same pool

Hi,  I have created a ner partition and configured a routing domain for a new vserver. Is it possible to configure a different child routing domain for the pool wich resides in a different lan from the vserver and configure the pool as local even if ...

Valeghi by Nimbostratus
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how to redirect host and uri on different location.

Hi,can you instruct how to redirect host and host/uri to the different redirect?for example: redirect to but when we have (any other uri below     "for example...

Transparent proxy virtual servers

Can please help how we can create virtual server as transparent proxy. There is a requirement to create the VS without SSL and the backend server needs be authenticate the request via actual client IP.Understand that we can use XFF header but http pr...

Nandhi by Cirrus
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Normalising URL's

HiI'm trying to upgrade to 16.1.4 from 16.1.3 seems like F5 have introduced automatic path normalisation. Seems to be around the usage of 302 for APM when it sends it to /my.policyWhat do I mean.The starting urlhttps://example/Base/second//third?a=1U...

AlexS_yb by Cirrocumulus
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DevCentral Visits: AWS re:invent 2023

Buu Lam is down in Las Vegas this week for AWS re:invent! Keep up with his adventures in this thread and make sure to subscribe to the DevCentral Youtube channel to get the latest updates.   Go give Buu Lam a follow on LinkedIn while you're at it!


ASM DoS Profile blacklist duration

Hi,We had to create a DoS profile for a virtual server at the weekend due to a DoS attack.I have activated three vectors in the profile- Behavioral Anomalous Bad Actors- Stress-based High-Volume Client IP- TPS-based High-Volume Client IPRequest Block...

Evergrim by Altostratus
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F5 APM AD login

Hi Team,As part of APM AD integration - i am able to login with SAM Account user to logon page. But with email address it is failing. How to allow email id user login? 

Preet_pk by Altostratus
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Resolved! Modifying multiple entries in a datagroup via api?

We have a datagroup with entries like this: := virtual /Common/www.domain1.com_vs_443 := virtual /Common/www.domain2.com_vs_443 := virtual /Common/www.domain3.com_vs_443  And so forth. This datagroup gets used by a...

Replace host & aliases URL

hello, We have development with the application for requirement the format, example the application url :- ---> it's want like access ----> ---> it's want like ac...

Rizky125 by Nimbostratus
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Resolved! qkview process stuck

I tried to create a qkview file. But the system got stuck on "Loading receiving configuration from your device" and has been loading for over 48 hours.I was looking at "K11419837: Troubleshooting qkview process stuck/stalled". and K61154426: Troubles...

Iroads by Nimbostratus
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VIP stats required

Hi folks,we need to gather stats for multiple vips like total bandwidth and total number of HTTP requests for a month we need a ball park figure for that. How we can gather these if we are not using/provisoned AVR module.

Roy_Jee by Nimbostratus
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Multi-Tiered Application Architecture Question

Hello all, I'm studying for the LTM 301a exam and one of the topics is multi-tiered architecture. So I thought I'd come here to the experts who have way more experience than I do, for some advice to help me better understand it. Also, I find it odd t...