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Nov 13, 2020

LTM VE Deployment limited VLANs

Hi, I need to deploy a pair of LTM VE appliances in HA in an internal environment. The problem is, i am told there are only 2 VLANs available on the deployed virtual switch I would be using, and I ne...
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    Nov 13, 2020



    It's not a big problem for f5 devices. Of course it's better to have a separate VLAN for each traffic: MGMT, HA, DMZ, External, etc. But if you can't, that's not a big deal, big-ip DSC cluster can work with those two VLAN also. You can use Internal VLAN for Config-Sync and for HA you can use either MGMT or the same Internal VLAN.


    Also, you can create any non-routable subnet/VLAN and give IPs from that range for HA and if those Virtual Machines are located on the same ESXi host, they'll still be able to see each other, as there's no physical network involved. Just pay attention to port lockdown feature, as you need (if I'm correct 1026/UDP for failover).