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Oct 11, 2010

LTM Routing

ENVIRONMENT ---------------------- VLAN 1 = VLAN 2 = Virtual Server 1 = (on VLAN 1) Virtual Server 2 = (on VLAN 2) MyPool --------- Physical Server 1 = (on VLAN 2) Physical Server 2 = (on VLAN 2) Physical server Gateway is (Firewall) and not the Virtual server BIGIP ------- interface 1.1 = (on VLAN 1) interface 1.2 = (on VLAN 2) Network Router (Firewall) ------------------------------ Gateway Interface on VLAN 1 - Gateway Interface on VLAN 2 - Scenario ---------- Traffic hits the Virtual Server on VLAN 1 ( and its redirected to Virtual Server ( on VLAN 2 to reach the pool (MyPool). The virtual servers has automap enabled and so the traffic reaches the physical server without any issues and everything works as it should. However our requirement is, the traffic from VLAN1 should go through the firewall to reach VLAN2. This does not seem to happen as the packets use the self-ips to reach VLAN 2. The servers have the gateway set as firewall IP due to our unique requirements. With this setup how will enforce traffic from VLAN1 to go through the firewall to reach VLAN 2. This is definitely something to do with the LB setup and not the network as there are other devices in the network (but outside the load balancer) in the same Vlan and they all route fine. Any help on this issue is greatly appreciated. Thank you.



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