Demo: Multi-Cloud Networking and transit routing with F5 Distributed Cloud

F5 Distributed Cloud can deploy itself to public cloud sites like AWS both with and without Transit Gateway attachments, and can be used to connect and securely route traffic across its Distributed Cloud Global Network to other connected sites. In this example, I connect an AWS TGW Site to an Azure VNET. Distributed Cloud Services make it easier than ever to securely connect existing cloud sites running on multiple different cloud providers, including on-prem.

This video walks through creating an AWS TGW site and an Azure VNET site using the F5 Distributed Cloud Console, and it shows how to attach those sites to your existing resources, enabling direct and secure routing across cloud sites without configuring a VPN.


For more details and the individual steps shown in this video, check out my article about deploying Multi-Cloud Networking.

Additional information and product details:

Updated Feb 06, 2023
Version 2.0

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