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Jan 22, 2011

LTM reboot

Hi all,



Has anyone ever experienced a reboot of an LTM on its' own? Today my active 3400 LTM until rebooted. We have an HA pair so the standby unit became active. So far, the unit that rebooted appears to have stabilized. I checked the performance stats through the gui and it looks like there was a cpu spike shortly before the reboot. I know there are watchdog and failsafe features built into the units.



This same issue happened to me last spring on the same LTM unit. I called support and they stated it was a flood of traffic which caused the sccp watchdog to timeout. These are older units running 9.4.3. We want to upgrade them later this fall but budgeting and so forth.



Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this. Any thoughts are appreciated.








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  • I think I found what I was looking for. I am running version 9.4.3. I inherited these older units when I started working for my company. According to this article, this is a known issue. I think my options are to upgrade to 9.4.6 at least...



    sol10005:A high volume of network traffic on the management network may cause an SCCP watchdog timeout This is the result of a known issue. A high volume of network traffic on the management network may cause a Switch Card Control Processor (SCCP) watchdog timeout event, leading the BIG-IP system to reboot. The following platforms contain the (SCCP



    • BIG-IP 3400 (C62)
    • This is in my /var/log/ltm file...



    012a0004:4: *** SCCP Watchdog timer expired ***




  • Hi Jayson,



    if you are going to upgrade, consider going to version 10.1 or above, the version 9 branch goes out of support in a few months time (off the top of my head).



    If you do stick with 9.4.x, go to 9.4.8 plus the latest hotfix - much more stable than any other 9.4 release