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Mar 26, 2020

LTM Pulling traffic stats with CLI

Need to get historic data in csv, or some kind of text.


I need to do some calculations against the number of visits in each day - as shown in 

  Statistics >> Moule Stats :Local Traffic >>Pools the [Connections | Total / Pool} number .


Is there a way to pull the historic data from the CLI ?

If only the Total/Member number is available then I can do the math.


As a fall back I can gather and clear periodically, if I could only clear from the CLI - how do I clear the counters from the CLI ?


[harryc@bigipprod05:Active:Changes Pending] ~ # tmsh show ltm node



Ltm::Node: AEMweb01 (



 Availability  : available

 State     : enabled

 Reason     : Node address is available

 Monitor    : /Common/icmp (default node monitor)

 Monitor Status : up

 Session Status : enabled


Traffic        ServerSide General

 Bits In          61.1G    -

 Bits Out          2.7T    -

 Packets In        40.3M    -

 Packets Out        57.6M    -

 Current Connections     25    -

 Maximum Connections     178    -

 Total Connections     1.4M    -

 Total Requests        -   2.7M

 Current Sessions       -    0



Ltm::Node: cq5redir03 (



 Availability  : available


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  • The simplest way is to create a script and schedule them via cron and execute them daily. the output of script had to write in a file.