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Apr 19, 2023

LTM member in pool has status offline (disabled by parent)

I will cleansing VIP not use in LTM and I found many VIP show:

VIP status offline (enable)

   > Pool staus offline (enable)   >> 1 member 

        > member  had status offline (disabled by parent) 

Could you tell me about : What's mean of "disabled by parent"? and Do I delete VIP not use on F5 LTM?  

Thank you.

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  • Administratively disabled means that someone disabled the node on the F5 directly (on the GUI / CLI / programmatically).

    When looking at the pool member in the F5 configuration utility (GUI):

    • The diamond shape indicates that its health check is failing
    • The grey colour indicates that it was disabled by parent (i.e. at a node level)

    The reason why you are seeing a grey diamond symbol as opposed to a black diamond symbol is due to the fact that it was disabled at a node (parent) level.

    If it was disabled at a pool member level, then you would have seen a black diamond symbol instead.

  • 'Disabled by parent' on a pool member means that the node (the parent) has been administratively disabled (session user-disabled):

    ltm node {
        session user-disabled
    Ltm::Pool: POOL-TEST
      Availability           : offline
      State                  : enabled
      Reason                 : The children pool member(s) are down
      Available Members      : 0
      | Ltm::Pool Member:
      |   Availability   : offline
      |   State          : disabled-by-parent
      |   Reason         : Pool member has been marked down by a monitor


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      "administratively disabled" thats mean Server's admin had shutdown node or close service port on server right? 

      F5's admin didn't disable member by process on F5?

         - When disable member by process on F5: symbol change from red diamond to black diamond symbol.

         - But This disabled by parent is grey diamond symbol.


      Thank you for your answer.

  • This is greatly represented in the network map tool, I suggest you take a look at that as well! 
    Object tree view is extremely clear and you can easily check dependencies.