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Jun 01, 2021

Lock a remote user account based on LDAP after X login failures.

In order to be compliance with PCI standars we have to apply a lock account after X login failures.


Our environment has two BIG IP VE - Adv WAF in Sync-Only mode and they are using remote authentication based on LDAP (Windows AD).


How can we achieve the desired state? Is it possible while using remote authentication?


We checked the article below, but it seems not to work for our scenario.


Thank you.

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  • I think that your windows team can do this if you want to protect your F5 devices:







    For using the ASM to protect the websites use "brute force attack protection":



  • Hi Nikoolayy1,


    Thank you for the answers provided previously.


    We already tried to use "Account Lockout" policy on our Active Directory, but no luck with that since this policy applies only to computer and not users. May I know if it worked for you? Maybe we are configuring it wrongly.


    Have a good one.


  • Aha you are having a complex issue. Except the windows to make a powershell script or other kind of automation that uses GPO policy after it sees n number of faulty attempts in the active directory logs I don't know any other way. This is an interesting article about this:



  • Nikoolayy1,


    Thank you! I really appreciated your help on this. I am discussing what you have suggested internally with my team mates in order to check if it feasible.


    Have a good one.