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Sep 08, 2016

List virtual servers that have an access policy?

I've been trying to list virtual servers that have an access policy applied to them via tmsh but haven't had any luck.


Any suggestions on how to go about this?


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  • If you have a specific access policy, you can do it like this

    tmsh list ltm virtual one-line | grep ACCESS_POLICY_NAME
    . The data isn't the prettiest since it compresses it to one line, but it works.

    Since an access profile is just an item in the list of profiles on a VIP, it'd be much less trivial to find vips with any access profile, I think.

    Hope this helps.

  • Of course I figured it out right after I posted the question. tmsh list ltm virtual VS_NAME profiles


    Is there any way to return only the access policy name?


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    Following that question
    Are there any command that provide the virtual server from the access profile name? 

    In the GUI, we see the virtual server but I tried several tmsh combintations to get the same information but It has been impossible.