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Mar 22, 2014

Limit in traffic group in BIG IP LTM



I'm the manager load balancing platform, This platform has 15 traffic group and i need the new application deployment.


I will create the new group for internal traffic and external traffic, for Relation with floating self IP and IP. I have a question, Is there any limit on the amount of trafic gruop that can have a Balancer?


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  • Hi! Never heard or read of any limitations. Out of curiosity, why do you use so many traffic groups? /Patrik
  • I think the person who balancers implement contemplate the possibility that at some point balancers estubieran active - active, but never used that way. But I have the exact reason why I made ​​the point is I need to make the implementation of a new service to a new address that is not configured.
  • Ok, I can't see any reasons for F5 to limit the amount of traffic groups. You can most likely continue with your thing. Although from a design perspective I'd generally not recommend it as it becomes a bit harder to troubleshoot (especially considering that you don't even use active active). In regards to active/active, in case you would use it for the performance, which essentially in manycases would mean that one load balancer is not enough a hardware failure could bring the whole house down (unless you have an additional stand by device in the cluster as well). Just my two cents. /Patrik
  • This is in your case? -------Note: A Sync-Failover device group can support a maximum of 15 traffic groups. From:
  • I have read this article, but I still doubt if I applied on the platform I have an active configuration - stanby with 15 trafic group. So I doubt if any errors can be generated by creating two new trafic group.