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May 24, 2012

Language Encoding - No Autodetect Available


Hi All,



While running the policy deployment wizard for webservices , we do not get an autodetect option for Application Language. In this case which option is to be chosen ? (attaching a screenshot of the gui with options listed by asm)






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  • Hi Nik,



    You can contact your application team to know the language. Else, most of the cases its Unicode (utf-8).



    for more accuracy, you can open the web application in IE and right click on screen and point to encoding to list the language.



  • Here are a few more options for manually determining the language encoding:




    sol6335: Overview of encoding language settings for the Application Security Manager




    You can view the site in a web browser and obtain the character encoding method from the web browser. Refer to the documentation for your web browser for information about viewing the character encoding method.


    You can perform a packet trace and view the Content-Type HTTP header.


    You can ask the administrator of the web application how the application is configured.


    You can use the following website to validate the current encoding designated by the site: