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Apr 13, 2016

KVM home lab setup and configuration

Hey guys,


Has anyone used KVM as means of creating a virtual home lab with separate vlans. I have tried time and time again to get separate vlans created using virtualbox and have followed the documentation found on dev central but its seems out dated as I could not create separate vlans using bridging.


The following is my current lab setup and configuration possibilities I am seeking advice on.


Host: Laptop running Ubuntu 16.04 (using 15.10 but will upgrading soon to the new LTS) Guests: Some distro running lamp, debain or centos Network: I was able to configure the management interface just fine VLANS: I am not too experienced with kvm so I am not sure the best way to configure seperate vlans. But I have attempted this but again I could not created the vlans for so that my Guests could send traffic on.


Ideas that I have been tossing around:


-use cumlus vm switch to emulate a switch and assign vlan ids and vlans on it -using avaya os to emulate switching and routing... not sure if avaya can also do L3 switching or not?


Any suggestions and or experiences will be helpful




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  • Also, after looking a seems as though kvm has an issue with debian based distro but that's with running on openstack. Not sure what version of kvm with be available with the latest release of ubuntu 16.04. Will I better off running fedora 23 running as the host with kvm, than using debian based distros running kvm from other users experiences? Thanks