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Oct 26, 2016

iStats from irule

is anyone aware of a way to extract the iStats for an irule; example irule. irule_redirect_test_test? We’ve been capturing stats for the various redirects activated via that rule and need to determine which line items are still being leveraged.


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  • Hi Jerm1020,

    you could use one of the below outlined ways to view/export your collected ISTATS.

    1.) Write an Out-of-Band iRule to query and display your collected counters within an HTML page.

    Collect Data within production iRule:
    ISTATS::incr "my_key_space my_key_instance counter my_counter_name" 1 
    Report Data within Out-of-Band iRule:
    HTTP::respond 200 content "Counter Value [ISTATS::get "my_key_space my_key_instance counter my_counter_name"]"

    2.) Use the TMSH client to view your object orientated ISTATS counters (special naming convention required)

    Collect Data within production iRule:
    ISTATS::incr "ltm.virtual MY_VirtualServer counter my_hit_count" 1
    Report Data within TMSH:
    (tmos) show ltm virtual MY_VirtualServer
    Ltm::Virtual Server: MY_VirtualServer
    User-defined  Value
      my_hit_count  12

    Cheers, Kai