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Jan 23, 2017

Is there a list of ALL possible APM session variables available?

Hi guys,


I am wondering, is there a list of all possible APM session variables available somewhere?


I realized that dumping session.* through VPE Logging box does not actually show all session variables, although one would expect that.


Or, for example, dumping session.user.* does not display session.user.ipgeolocation.country_code in APM log file. It does so only when I explicitly define this variable in the VPE Logging box.


There are few lists on the AskF5 website, but none of them looks to be complete, many variables I know of are missing in those lists.


I am about to create some customized reporting based on session variables and I would like to know all variables I can work with.


If you have any idea, please let me know.


Thanks a lot!


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  • hi,


    you can show current variable of existing session with command sessiondump.




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    Strictly not an answer to the question, but may help someone: I just bumped into an issue where session.user.ipgeolocation.country_code was empty/unset. Seems to happen if you use private IP addresses (or probably any address that geoip_lookup cannot resolve).